Step up for Leadership in Enterprise Data Science & Artificial Intelligence with Big Data: Illustrations with R & Python

87% of data science project fails to make to production in enterprises. Only 50% is the data leadership success rate. Is it not surprising to know when data science and AI are in the top trend? If you are looking for a career in data science or looking for leadership, these insights may disturb you.

Don’t worry, “Step up for Leadership in Enterprise Data Science & Artificial Intelligence with Big Data.” will

  • Burst the myths around data science, AI & big data
  • Presents the real business scenarios
  • Take you on the journey of data science, AI & big data even if you are an ultimate beginner.
  • Introduce you to the essential skills of success in this field
  • Develop a leadership mindset by cutting edge methodologies & strategies
  • Make you aware of technical trends around it
  • Develop technical skills with R, Python, Machine learning with big data as well as business skills
  • Reduce failure possibility and increase the chance of success by covering the 360 degrees view of the field.

Each day counts. So as your steps. Step up immediately and begin your journey to your dreams of data science and AI.


“I would recommend this book to all prospective data scientists – as well as those software professionals who choose to transfer or migrate to the domain of data science. It is a useful addition to the body of work already available to guide project managers of data science projects.” Lt Col (Dr) Rajesh Kapur (Retd), AI Investor, Asst. Prof. TIMSCDR, Hyderabad, India

“It’s a masterpiece of work for the aspiring leaders of data science and AI. It’s also a guide for executives and investors to get maximum value from their investment in AI. Beginners in data science can also get the most out of this book.”, Jay Ojha, Business intelligence and analytics manager, HCL Infosystem Ltd